what we do

  • Track

    Visibility of your user’s interactions with the site is the basic requirement for any marketing insights which drive your success. We set you up with all relevant tags you need to track your user’s behaviour and conversion actions.

  • Understand

    Learn how to think from your user’s perspective. It is vital to understand your target audience’s intentions and struggles he or she might come across whilst browsing your site. Cheetah Conversions helps you to step back and view your service from a new angle.

  • Perform

    Reach your target audience where they are most likely to convert. With smart targeting and the right message, paid can bring you up to 70% of your revenue. Cheetah’s extensive paid advertising knowledge will get you converting traffic from week 1.

  • Measure

    It is important not just to measure what best practice says, but to focus on key performance metrics that work for your product. Cheetah Conversions tracks your website and campaign activities with a clear vision of gaining actionable insights.

  • Design

    Design your offer to address your audience’s needs and desires. A user friendly design will increase your conversion rate significantly. Besides, a good user experience onsite will increase the likelihood of your customers returning.

  • Test

    A/B testing will provide you with insights of which targeting, message, or creative is working well. Build on these test results, we will continuously learn and optimise active campaigns accordingly.


about us

Our references speak for themselves. We believe in bold ideas and data-driven decisions. Let us design unique solutions which suit your growth needs best. Your budget is limited? We will make sure you get the best Paid Advertising outcome and actionable performance insights as possible.

Our clients get a comprehensive strategy of how and where to best market their product/service.

We deliver extensive performance reports, concluding in measurable marketing insights.

We believe in effective marketing strategies that deliver measurable results.

Let’s innovate together and accelerate your conversion funnel.

Our process is simple, Our focus is on results

The Cheetahs

Naveed Ratansi

Over 10 years of experience in B2B across Sales & Marketing and Growth, worked with companies in the US, London & Berlin, having previously set-up his own start-up in UX & Design

Client Testimonials

  • Hayley Conick, Regional Manager

    “Naveed used his extensive contacts in the startup ecosystem to build brand awareness and engagement for Upwork in London. Naveed identified and executed opportunities to simultaneously maximise our presence and support the startup community.”

  • Marc Warner, Founder

    “Naveed was extremely helpful in driving forward the commercial development of the ASI Fellowship. He significantly increased the Fellowship revenues in his time with us.”

  • Rony Chammas, Founder

    “Naveed was instrumental in helping launch Peerspace in London. He was able to take our U.S. playbook and adapt it to the local market enabling us to grow an initial supply base and ultimately attract our first customers.”

Martina Heinzle

Working in different digital marketing roles on client side and as a consultant for over 5 years, Martina has great expertise in Performance Marketing, CRM and general CRO.

Client Testimonials

  • Colin Crerar, Founder & CEO

    “Martina's work with us at City Virtual Hub on our paid search campaigns was superb.She was a huge help to us at the right time and played a big part in guiding our business through the next stage of its growth. Very intelligent,creative and responsive-we will definitely work with her again.”

  • Richard Jackson, Head of growth

    “Martina has a very in-depth and hands-on knowledge of paid search. She is hard-working and conscientious with great attention to detail and high standards. She is an asset to any marketing team.”

  • Athar Majeed, Co-Founder

    “Martina was able to provide direction and guidance on our email marketing strategy and a marketing plan. She has a high level of attention to detail and was very motivated to help us to increase signup conversion.”

The Team


Marketing Specialist


Marketing Intern






We are always looking for digital nomads to join our team.

Marketing Extraordinaire

You have more than one spot, dynamic and exceptionally savvy. Your understand the territory and already familiar with your surrounding.

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Savvy Sales Exec

You are a hunter and are know how to adept at finding your prey. Quick on your feet, you will easily outwit your competition.

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