Crafting Integrated Display
 Advertising Strategies

Make more than a lasting impression with Cheetah’s display advertising services.

What is display advertising?

Advertising across display networks is a high risk, high reward strategy. But it can be cost-effective. Given the plethora of targeting, placement and bidding options out there, the wrong choices can lead to massive losses fast. In order to make digital display advertising a triumph, you need to have the right partner.

Cheetah’s team will help drive your digital advertising campaign to success, from ad creation through to targeting optimisation and analytics assessment. We have managed highly profitable ad campaigns across the Google Display Network, as well as direct targeting of several specific sites.

How Our Display Ad Services Work

Campaign Strategy and Structure

If you do not plan, then you plan to fail. At Cheetah, we develop a comprehensive strategy for your campaign aligned with your business goals. Once we have determined the best display networks and publishers for your target audience, we set up your campaign, so it is a success for your business right from the start.

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Targeting Expertise

To succeed, you need to know exactly who your target is. Right down to their demographics, behaviours and the sites they visit. We interrogate and analyse your ad audience to determine the best combination of keywords and website placements through which to target them. We continue to monitor and optimise your campaign targeting throughout to continually drive success.

Landing Page Strategy and Design

Landing pages are the greatest tool for capturing contact information and converting visitors into leads. We develop customised landing page strategies that are relevant and drive conversions. Our talented design experts are on hand to ensure everything is on brand for your business.

Ad Optimisation

Your campaign strategy and structure are in place. Now, we focus on optimising your offer and ads to generate those leads. Our experienced design team will develop ads with clear calls-to-action that maximise click-through rates, all in accordance with your brand and messaging. We create multiple versions of your ads for A/B testing when possible. Driving constant improvement by pausing the lowest performing one while boosting the other.

Analysis and Reporting

Once your display network advertising campaign is up and running, we continually monitor it, actioning improvement and optimising when needed. We implement URL tracking codes on each of your display ads and ensure integration with your marketing automation and sales CRM systems for full lead attribution. We believe it is important to always be transparent with our clients. That is why you receive regular, comprehensive reports with detailed analytics and our expert evaluation.

Cheetah’s Display Advertising Services

Programmatic Advertising

Choose different services and platforms to automate the ad buying process and dynamically target the ideal audience

Google Display Ads

Serve ads to users across more than 2 million websites and apps as part of the Google Display Network

Video Advertising

Ads that appear within or alongside video content, like YouTube or streaming services

Native Advertising

Advertising material that is seamlessly integrated into the media format where it appears

Digital Audio

Podcast are phenomenally popular, and digital audio ads can target captive podcast listeners, or audiences of other audio-only media

Paid Email Advertising

With services like Gmail Sponsored Promotions, advertisers can place targeted ads in email inboxes

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Crafting Integrated Display  Advertising Strategies

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