After working on marketing campaigns with a wide range of companies we have seen many approaches and have heard endless opinions about what works on which channel for which industry. What we have learned is that there is no right or wrong when it comes to Marketing. The only way to find out if something is working for you is to give it a fair chance. But, with limited budgets, this isn’t always possible.

So where to start? First be clear about who you are targeting. Then analyse how those users are responding to your message, learn and action. This is what we do at Cheetah. We do not sell you a completed marketing strategy which simply can be plugged in like a power cable. We define marketing opportunities together with you step by step.

  • Customer & Marketing Insights

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • Optimized Conversion Funnel

With so much customer data available, companies often don’t know where to start. To help focus and keep things simple a lot of companies decide to entrust their insight to Google Analytics. However, most of them don’t utilise this fundamental, but very capable analytics tool to its full potential.

We at Cheetah start by getting to know your customers. As well as analysing the data you already have and drawing conclusions on what to do in terms of marketing, we’ll also show you what to look at in GA on a daily and monthly basis. When optimising your website content for an improved user experience on-site, and optimising the conversion funnel across all touchpoints, it is vital to get experienced input from outside of your team.








Advertise your product on the channels that work effectively with your target audience.

We at Cheetah believe that there is a channel for every audience – product/service combination. After defining which channels are suitable for your target audience, we will make sure to maximize its outcome. In addition, we do like to pursue a holistic approach, allowing customers to get to know your brand from multiple angles. Therefore, a strong focus will be on looking at the brand overall, and introducing cross channel and device experience for your product/service.

Cheetah Starter Packages

Limited budget, resources and marketing knowledge?

With our starter-package, we help early-stage startups take their first steps with Google Ads, Facebook Business Manager or Linkedin Campaign Manager. We will set you up with 2 initial campaigns, train your team on account management and optimisation and, offer post-setup support if you need it. All that is required from your side the commitment and enthusiasm to learn more about paid advertising.

Cheetah Marketing Audit

Looking for more visibility across your website and marketing performance?

With a comprehensive audit covering user behaviour on-site, marketing campaign performance and paid marketing opportunities, you'll receive insights into what is currently working for you, what isn’t and what you should be doing. Moreover, you will get to know potential customers better which enables you to adapt your strategy.


Looking to expand to Europe?

We at Cheetah Conversions have already helped many companies with their first steps onto European ground and are aware of all the challenges that these new markets bring with them.

Are you seeking an implementation partner or want support to help strategize your marketing across Europe? We are a multicultural team, which is proud to represent 7 nationalities with a team that speaks 6 languages. Does this sound like the right fit for your Europe plans?

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